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Product Naming: How to Give Your Jewelry an Identity

Product naming can be a fun and creative process when it comes to developing a new jewelry line. But it can also be difficult to come up with the perfect…

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How to Turn Your Jewelry Customers into a Strong Brand Community

Building a strong jewelry brand starts with your community. When your customers have a clear sense of belonging, they’re more likely to have a stronger emotional tie to your brand.…

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How (And Why) To Create a Jewelry Gift Guide

As a jewelry brand, you can create a jewelry gift guide that makes shopping easier for customers and significantly boosts your jewelry sales at the same time. A jewelry gift…

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Put a Ring On It: 5 Effective Engagement Ring Marketing Tips

Selling engagement rings can be a difficult task; there are plenty of engagement ring retailers out there, each with their own unique selling proposition. The best way to approach your…

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Jewelry Careers: A Look Into Different Jewelry Jobs


The jewelry industry offers a wide range of creative, hands-on career opportunities for people who are interested in working with beautiful gems and precious metals. From designers and goldsmiths to…

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How to Design the Perfect Stackable Jewelry Collection


The stacked and layered look has become a major jewelry trend, with customers assembling their own personalized combinations to keep up. For jewelry brands, creating a versatile and mixable collection…

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Making Fine Jewelry Fun: How to Give Your Pieces a Creative Edge


Fine jewelry is classically beautiful, and that's part of its enduring appeal. But when you're designing modern fine jewelry and trying to make your collection stand out from the crowd,…

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A Case for the Jewelry Set: Why Your Brand Should Sell Bundled Pieces


Right now, the trends are all pointing to multiple pieces of jewelry worn at once, from earring stacks and layered necklaces to piled-on rings. It’s a great time for jewelry…

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How (And Why) to Offer Jewelry Styling Services


Your jewelry is the core of your business – you’ve got your design process down to an art and you know how to market your gorgeous pieces to your customers.…

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Men’s Jewelry: How to Expand Your Collection to a New Demographic


Jewelry has traditionally been seen as a fashion accessory for women, but recently there's been an uptick in the men's jewelry category too. Brands, retailers, and customers are all starting…

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