Social Responsibility Policy

Brilliant Jewelers / MJJ Inc Jewelers is committed to procuring gemstones, diamonds, and precious metals that are obtained through socially and environmentally responsible means. We implement and enforce efforts that assure the integrity of our sources and social standards of manufacturing.

Suppliers to Brilliant Jewelers / MJJ Inc must represent and warrant that the diamonds and gemstones sold to Brilliant Jewelers / MJJ Inc, whether set in jewelry or unset, have not been treated in any manner (other than that disclosed in writing on an invoice or memorandum and purchase order) that is not permanent, or that creates special care requirements, such as the use of nuclear bombardment, laser drilling, application of colored oil or epoxy-like resins, wax, plastic or glass, surface diffusion, or dyeing. It is Brilliant Jewelers / MJJ Inc Jewelers' mandatory policy to never purchase loose gemstones or jewelry containing gemstones that come from regions of the world where trading in such stones funds governments that engage in human rights violations, (“conflict stones”). All suppliers are asked to provide a warranty, verifying the same (as required by the Kimberly Process).

Brilliant Jewelers / MJJ Inc Jewelers requires our suppliers and their agents to adhere to the Jewelers of America Code of Ethics, obliging all transactions to be conducted in an ethical and professional manner. We expect our suppliers to comply with their national labor and environmental laws and regulations and to respect the fundamental International Labor Organization conventions, as well as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Where the Code or applicable laws address the same issue, the higher of the two standards should apply. This includes Health & Safety, Remuneration, Working Hours, Discrimination, Harassment and Abuse, Forced Labor, Child Labor, and young workers, Freedom of Association, Environment, Ethics, and Integrity. Further, we recognize the significance of our company's supply chain and we require that any gold used to manufacture merchandise produced for Brilliant Jewelers / MJJ Inc should be extracted and processed in a manner that respects people and the earth. We believe that a commitment to responsible gold must include our suppliers, to ensure that best practices can be assured consistently throughout the supply chain.

The council's mission statement reads: “To promote responsible ethical, social and environmental practices throughout the diamond and gold jewelry supply chain, from mine to retail.” Members work to promote awareness and understanding of key ethical, social, and environmental business responsibility issues by working with members of the fine jewelry industry – including trade organizations, governments, and civil society representatives. Members are committed to seeking economic, social, and environmental benefits from business activities to achieve sustainable development.

Brilliant Jewelers / MJJ Inc Jewelers takes our commitment to the environment seriously, and carefully monitors our carbon footprint. Through such measures as: energy efficient lighting and water consumption and waste, printing our media, recycled paper, utilizing digital and electronic communication and media whenever possible, and more. We recognize our obligation to our planet and we will continue to improve our environmental policies.

Lastly, Brilliant Jewelers / MJJ Inc is a member in good standing of The Fair Labor Association, (FLA). We support the organization's mission to protect workers' rights and improve working conditions worldwide and have been a member since 2018


Brilliant Jewelers / MJJ Inc Jewelers support the United Nations' efforts to stop the sales of diamonds from any country where rebel forces use diamonds to finance acts of war and terror. While it is impossible to verify the country of origin of any polished diamond once it is separated from its source, we are working with all of our suppliers to ensure they do not knowingly sell us diamonds from any “conflict” areas.

It is not possible for anyone entity to tackle the problem alone but through our continuing partnership with the Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC), Jewelers of America (JA), American Gem Society (AGS), and agreement with the Diamond Trading Company (DTC) sightholders, we continue to work toward educating the industry on this important issue.

Brilliant Jewelers / MJJ Inc Jewelers will continue to assist our industry in every way we can when it comes to dealing with this issue. We recognize the importance of stopping the flow of conflict diamonds and fully pledge our support to those working towards that end.

We strive to incorporate social responsibility into every aspect of our business conduct, including printing our catalog and other collateral on recycled paper, using energy-efficient lighting in our stores, and much more.

We continue to be committed to this critical issue for the future.