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Offer your clients the opportunity to create their own unique custom jewelry by becoming a Jewelry Concierge.

No limitations

There are no limitations to the jewelry designs that MJJ Brilliant can turn into reality. Here’s the best part: you’ll receive a commission for every custom piece you sell.

As a Jewelry Concierge, you’ll be able to offer your clients world-class craftsmanship executed by a team of expert jewelers with over four decades of experience. You keep your client and own the conversation, then you bring their ideas to us so we can bring their designs to life.

Check out your earning potential

You’ll make 3% commission on orders under $250 and 6% on everything above $250.

Earrings for $200: You’ll earn $6
Necklace for $400: You’ll earn $24
Bracelet for $8,000: You’ll earn $480

Benefits of Becoming a Jewelry Concierge

Expand Your Client Offerings

Take your client experience to the next level by offering something they won’t be able to find anywhere else. You’ll be providing a whole new level of service by offering clients the opportunity to design distinctive, one-of-a-kind jewelry from their own imagination.

Fulfill Your Client’s Desires

Because our bespoke jewelry is completely custom, you’ll be putting what your clients want within reach. Instead of working for a hard sell on jewelry that isn’t exactly what the client envisions, you’ll be able to promise and deliver a perfect match for their desires.

Cash Your Commission Check

Becoming a Jewelry Concierge unlocks a whole new stream of income to boost your career. Make up to 6% commission on every custom order and build loyalty with your long-term customers. Your client relationships are yours — we’re just putting some money in your pocket.

Bespoke Jewelry Capabilities

Whether your client wants to repurpose a family heirloom, replicate a lost earring, or design an entirely unique engagement ring, MJJ Brilliant can help.

These are just some of the pieces you can offer your customers:

Engagement rings

Wedding sets

Women's bands

Men's bands

Signet rings

Class rings

Cocktail rings






Earrings (pair

Earring replacement (single)

Stone sourcing

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• Earn commission on every order

I would not have a national jewelry brand if it wasn’t for MJJ. They've taught me everything I know about jewelry, and have helped me design pieces that are true to the mission and vision of my company.

Sarah B.

Lead Designer

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